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Elizabeth Yemi Akingbade Creative Director and Fashion Designer Nigeria

Posted On : August 2, 2018

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Print and Fashion Designer Elizabeth Yemi Akingbade graduated from the University of The Arts London in 2013. She soon launched a fashion line, Yemzi, with a small range of printed organic tops. Influenced by a British upbringing with a working-class white foster family in the English seaside, she dreamily re-contextualizes her newly-embraced rich Nigerian culture with her West African-inspired ready-to-wear line.

Yemi Collection from SS18 Look book

The designer’s first collection, presented in 2015, set the premise for African inspired, print-led, contemporary designs. Tired of seeing Dutch wax enthusiasts limited by the same designs, Elizabeth-Yemi digitally prints exclusive ethically conscious luxury fabrics guided by the aesthetic of the West African diaspora.

Content Courtesy Of  Elizabeth Yemi Akingbade & Nairobi fashion Hub

Fashion Tribe Influencer

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