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Ellenor Kim New Jam Melanin Official HD Video

Posted On : February 12, 2020

Oscar Alochi


Ellenor Kim’s debut single, Melanin which has been released both as an audio and a video is about the appreciation of dark/brown skin beauty. Her being a dark skin girl, she has witnessed firsthand the discrimination against dark women and it really hurts so she was inspired to make a groovy but inspirational song for all black women and men.

Over the years there has been a lot of societal discrimination (knowingly/unknowingly) towards people of dark complexion especially women. In some careers especially media it is common to see their preference of light skinned women when scouting for talents like news anchors. The societal pressure it places on dark skin women is too much as it creates low esteem and discontentment.

The singer says this song is a dedication to this special group of African queens and kings. Everyone who has been a victim of this discrimination should be get inspired and be comfortable in their own skin whenever they hear this song.

About Ellanor

Ellenor Kim, real name Ellen Waruguru Kimani is a 20-year-old singer and instrumentalist from Nairobi, Kenya. She is currently a student at the United States International University.

Her musical journey began at the age of six and she would participate in musical events like the music festivals in both primary and secondary school where she honed her singing and drumming skills.

The people who have been instrumental in her fast-rising music career include her mom who is her number one fan and funds her music, and secondly her music producer, Brian of ABH Sound who also acts as her executive producer. She intends to spread love, hope, joy, and positivity through her music by tackling the daily human being experiences.

Content courtesy of Ellenor Kim & Nairobi fashion hub Online team 

Oscar Alochi


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