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Erika Akoth Personal Fashion Stylist

Posted On : April 15, 2020

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Erika Akoth owner and founder of Erika A. Style Concept store, has worn many hats she is an avid traveler, a keen collector, a fashion curator, a stylist, and a former designer and model.
She has traveled the world, carefully collecting each piece that features at the store, from a variety of runways, designers, and craftsmen and women.

Erika A. Style has a keen eye for detail and beauty, and it matters that each collected and curated piece tells a story.

Erika Akoth is the curator behind the brand. She is a fashion and personal stylist, multi-label fashion curator and high end personal shopper. Erika has been involved in the fashion industry for more than twelve years. During this time, she has worked as a personal stylist, modeled for a variety of high-fashion projects and shopped for a range of private clients around the world.

She now owns and runs Erika A. Style, a luxury fashion concept store, in her home country, Kenya.

Akoth studied culinary arts but while she enjoyed cooking, she was also tired of the daily routine of creating in the background  she wanted something bigger and more fulfilling. She soon discovered that fashion was her missing ingredient.

Her love for food still informs her creative sense for fashion, and she believes that the secret to good fashion like good cooking lies with knowing how much is needed.

Scarabs are Erika A’s statement piece. She credits this to Steve Tyler whom she met at an event once, trying to get an autograph after one of his events. Tyler’s words to her on seeing her Scarab piece were, ‘what a beautiful statement piece!”

Erika has since worn them to many more events, believing they are her lucky charm.  She enjoys curating clothes, collecting art, decorating spaces and creating beauty in as many spheres as she can.

Content courtesy of Erika A. Style & Nairobi fashion hub

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