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Ethical Clothing, A Sustainable Fashion Search Engine, Has Launched In The United States And Canada, With Thousands Of Searchable, Ethically Produced Clothes.

Posted On : April 12, 2022

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Hundreds of sustainable North American fashion labels have been added to the catalog of Ethical Clothing, a Spanish-based sustainable fashion search engine, making it easier for conscious shoppers to identify responsibly made fashion that meets their style and budget.

Due to a rise in the importance of brand values and consumer awareness, not just huge high-street businesses, but also a significant growth in new smaller firms with sustainability built into their DNA are taking sustainable fashion seriously.

More than two-thirds of Americans are willing to spend more for sustainable items, according to studies, yet the majority (74 percent) are unsure how to identify them. This challenge is being addressed with the debut of Ethical Clothing’s sustainable fashion search engine in North America.

Co-founders Ben Heinkel and Jack Hesketh, both entrepreneurs with a deep interest in environmental issues, created the sustainable clothes search engine in Barcelona, Spain, in 2019. They noted a substantial increase in the number of sustainable apparel manufacturers as tech-aware consumers who want to shop ethically.

These same brands, however, were frequently difficult to find online, as they competed with larger fashion brands’ massive advertising budgets. With this problem of access in mind, the concept of a single point of discovery for ethically and sustainably manufactured clothes was conceived.

Initially, the portal featured over a hundred European products that met sustainability standards such as using organic certified or recycled materials, having transparent supply chains, and using non-toxic dyes. The search engine provides for speedy product discovery using a variety of eCommerce filters (such as gender, price, and product type), as well as the type of material utilized (such as organic cotton, bamboo, and recycled synthetics like Tencel).

But this is only the beginning; the team is now working on a sustainability grading system as well as a variety of smart filters to make selecting the correct ethical goods a breeze.

“Our objective is to be able to assimilate all of the data that the brands provide about their materials, methods, and supply chains and present our visitors with a grading system that allows them to choose how stringent they want to be in their sustainable clothing criteria.” Ben Heinkel is a writer and entrepreneur who lives in the United States (Co-founder of Ethical Clothing)

The team has now introduced a North American section, offering hundreds of labels from the United States and Canada, after fast validating their strategy in Europe with thousands of consumers successfully using their service each month to find sustainable apparel that suits their style and budget.

“Regardless of their size, we are continuously searching for new ethical brands to partner with.” We’d like to provide brands that go above and beyond in terms of sustainability more attention.” Jack Hesketh is a writer who has written for a variety of publications (Co-founder Ethical Clothing)

The amount of ethical and sustainable fashion firms in the United States and Canada is large, and the team hopes that their launch will assist smaller brands to acquire attention and make sustainable product discovery easier for buyers.

Ethical Apparel has developed additional tools to assist consumers and brands in the ethical clothing industry, in addition to their main service. They intended to dispel the myth that ethical and ecological apparel is out of reach for the average person. As a result, they established a price drop alert service that keeps users fully informed about all of the deals available throughout their whole brand portfolio.

In addition, they’ve also launched the most comprehensive fashion footprint calculator, which will help shoppers understand how their fashion choices influence the environment across a variety of parameters.

The tool gathers twelve data points ranging from fashion consumption to washing habits to sustainability knowledge, with the goal of informing users about their own impact and providing practical action steps to assist everyone lessens their impact in the future.

Today’s shoppers are becoming more conscious of the causes and ideals that they support with their dollars. Google, Amazon, and Microsoft are among the behemoths that have taken notice and have lately announced new enhancements to their existing goods in an attempt to meet new, more ethical consumer demands.

Google will launch an eco-certified hotel filter in 2021, Amazon already has a climate pledge-friendly search filter, and Microsoft’s Bing recently added an ‘Ethical Hub’ to their search engine (UK only at the time of this writing), all confirming that the Ethical Clothing team has stumbled upon a problem worth solving.

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The founding members are as follows:
Ben Heinkel is a serial entrepreneur who has previously co-founded both bootstrapped and VC-backed eCommerce firms, and has experience in all aspects of developing a software company from zero to millions of dollars in revenue. He intends to use his experience with ethical goods to link sustainable manufacturers with conscientious fashion consumers all across the world.

Jack Hesketh is an ethical-clothing.com co-founder, developer, researcher, and writer.

He develops code as well as articles on the fashion and textile industry environmental challenges. After transitioning away from Evolutionary Genetics research, the goal has always been to create fascinating projects like Ethical Clothing, with the purpose of distilling complex topics to assist individuals to make better decisions about aspects that affect the environment as a whole.

Ben Heinkel and Jack Hesketh created Ethical Clothing in Barcelona, Spain, in 2019.

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