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Eva Marcille Defends Her Traditional African Hairstyle That Critics Slammed Her For Wearing To Cynthia Bailey’s Wedding

Posted On : October 20, 2020

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Eva Marcille is a beauty who isn’t afraid to experiment whether it comes to fashion or hairstyling. After she wore a unique hairstyle to Cynthia Bailey‘s wedding, she has a message for close-minded critics.

Eva appeared in a beautiful white dress that hugged every curve of her body along with gold jewelry and an embellished towering hair bun.

Many people slammed her for the style itself and the fact that she would wear it as a bridesmaid to another person’s nuptials.

‘For a runway…absolutely. For someone else’s wedding…absolutely not,’ commented one.

‘Alllllllllll the loctitians in Atl… & this is what we come up with…,’ said another.

This person commented: ‘Eva could’ve pulled it back not sticking straight up like she was going to Whooville!!!!!’

There were people who came to her defense.

One person wrote: ‘People who keep talking about not liking her hair don’t know fashion. @evamarcille I LOVE YOUR HAIR style that way! It speaks to your personality and style and it looks bomb! This type of style is not for the faint of hearts. It’s for the out the box, eccentric and free spirited types.

And if @cynthiabailey felt some way about it, best believe a woman on her wedding day would have no hesitation saying so, lol. And you guys sound crazy asking her why she styled her hair that way. Obviously, it’s because she liked it that way. Girrrrl, don’t pay these basics no mind.’

Content courtesy of Celebrity Insider & Nairobi fashion hub  

Fashion Police


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