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Evelyne Akinyi Odongo

Posted On : August 11, 2020

Ann Mumbi


Akinyi Odongo Kenya  is an authentic high end, rejuvenating and invigorating African fashion line by MEFA Creations, cutting across the local, regional and international apparel industry. Inspired by a Kenyan fashion industry indefatigably knocking on the international market galaxy, Akinyi Odongo has tilted the establishment with African inspired designs exuding timeless sophistication, class and ever present diversity that has carved its niche in the local and international fashion arena.

Akinyi Odongo is now a bespoke designer of perfect cuts with refined details and fabrics that are of high quality yet sustainable for everyday use, a touch of rich African culture that creates the distinction. We talk the talk in targeting high net worth individuals from all over the world. Our Jackets, dresses, skirts and suits have been won by first ladies of African countries, presidential candidates, and corporate high flyers and hugely acclaimed by fashion enthusiasts.

Akinyi Odongo Kenya primarily has its market base in Kenya as its headquarters are located in Nairobi, at Sifa Towers on Cotton Avenue. The line also boasts a large foreign-based client base in South Africa, Zimbabwe, Rwanda, USA and UK. To serve its global markets, the line is on course to establish retail access outside Kenya. Akinyi Odongo Kenya designs are becoming a fixture in global exhibitions and fashion shows like the famed Origin Africa, Source Africa (yearly sourcing event in Cape Town)

She is an extraordinary story of passion, diligence, work ethic, integrity and God! With ‘fashion designer’ genes flowing in her blood, inspired by her mother, a ‘fundi’ (tailor) in a Small village Called Rangala In Siaya County in western part of Kenya who taught her the mastery of a sewing machine at a tender age, Evelyne Akinyi Odongo set up MEFA Creations a decade ago in the corner of her house  humble beginnings. Her trailblazing journey, building her clientele from a handful of friends to celebrity endorsement status can only be typified by Evelyne Akinyi Odongo’s

words, “I love fashion, I love creativity and art, and it’s my purpose and I’m pursuing it to the highest place, and being good Steward of what God has bestowed upon me.” It has been a journey of perfecting her concepts, designs, systems and structures while amassing valuable experience in exploring new frontiers of fashion designs and marketing that will match and meet international fashion standards. The launch of brand Akinyi Odongo Kenya  in 2015 represents the new beginning of a legacy she has amassed over the years and of her future endeavours, giving her brand a face to go with it.

Akinyi Odongo  has earned numerous accolades for an inestimable contribution to the Kenyan fashion industry. In 2005, its designs were exhibited in a gallery in Dusseldorf Germany garnering international recognition for the brand and consequently credit for Kenyan fashion designers. In 2014, MEFA Creations and Evelyne Akinyi Odongo were awarded the prestigious ELNET Business Leader Ethics Award for exemplary ethical standards in business.

The company boasts a 5 star rating for ethical compliance. In September 2014, Akinyi Odongo was the only Kenyan designer who represented the country at the 14th World Export Development Forum in Kigali, Rwanda and in August 2015 participated in the 18th Rwanda International Trade Fair in Kigali through Export Promotion Council. In 2015, the founder, Evelyne Akinyi Odongo was

among Kenya’s trendsetting entrepreneurs that showcased their products and business ideas at the 6th Global Entrepreneurship Summit held in Nairobi, Kenya. She was among the high-level delegation that represented Kenya at the Milan Expo Kenya Week 2015, led by The President of the Republic of Kenya, H.E Uhuru Kenyatta. Akinyi Odongo KenyaTM continues to dress Kenya’s First lady Margaret Kenyatta and former Presidential aspirant, Hon. Martha Karua, among others.

The Company has attained various Kenya Bureau Standards (KEBS) standardization marks including the Diamond and the Standardization Quality marks. As a designer, she continues to work with several institutions including Kenya Industrial Research & Development Institute (KIRDI), African Cotton,

Kenya National Chambers Of Commerce and Industry (KNCCI), Export Promotion Council (EPC), African Cotton & Textile Industries Federation (ACTIF), and Proudly Kenyan (IED) counselling on issues affecting the fashion industry.

Board of Advisors The Board consists of nine members who are responsible in formulating, reviewing and provision of counsel in matters relating to Akinyi Odongo Kenya’s business strategy and development, marketing and communications efforts and corporate governance Executive Directors Evelyne Akinyi Odongo: Founder, Managing Director and Head of Fashion Design Martin Oluoch: Director Catherine Jadeya: Financial Consultants

Content courtesy of Akinyi Odongo Kenya & Nairobi fashion hub 

Ann Mumbi

An expert in style and image, Fashion Addict focuses on brands worn by showbiz stars who have large numbers of fans worldwide Member Of #NairobiFashionHub Team

Ann Mumbi

An expert in style and image, Fashion Addict focuses on brands worn by showbiz stars who have large numbers of fans worldwide Member Of #NairobiFashionHub Team


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