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Exclusive Interview With Wacera Kieha Fashion and Lifestyle Blogger From Kenya

Posted On : August 17, 2018

Oscar Alochi


Wacera Kieha. I just finished campus, and work as Administration & Accounts Officer full-time and part-time as Head of Marketing for a Spanish Tavern. Away from that, I am a fashion and lifestyle blogger, YouTuber (launching next week), and entrepreneur. I am an outgoing person, a lover of people and good things in life.

Meet Fashion and lifestyle blogger Wacera Kieha check out her blog and her work here www.wacerakieha.com

What is the primary focus of your blog?

Wacera Kieha: My blog focuses on Fashion and Lifestyle, Travel, Beauty, Hair. The aim is to provide a platform for people to have fun, learn and share.

When did you start blogging?

Wacera Kieha: I started blogging back in November 2015. The plan was to start a Youtube Channel but ended up starting a blog.

How would you describe your style?

Wacera Kieha: Comfortable, Classy and unique. I am tall(6’2), so it can be a challenge getting outfits that fit me perfectly. But when I do get them I ensure they are unique and gorgeous pieces.

Do you prefer sneakers or Heels?

Wacera Kieha: Sneakers. I am currently wearing sneakers with every outfit, from jeans to skirts and dresses.

Your Favorite shopping mall in Kenya?

Wacera Kieha: Two Rivers, because it has several Fashion Stores that are affordable and have outfits that cater to my style. Any other mall with good stores is also a favorite.

How did you first get your start in media?

Wacera Kieha: I attend to think I was born for Media. Ever since I was young I wanted to be a media personality from Tv, Radio, and Print. I used to look up to Julie Gichuru, Caroline Mutoko, Carol Mandi, Tyra Banks & Katherine Kasavuli.  I changed my mind when I joined High School and gained other interests in Finance, Governance, and  Business. The blog was a comeback for me.

Name five beauty products you can’t live without?

Wacera Kieha: I am not big on Beauty but I have several favorites:

Coconut oil – I use on my hair and body

Lipstick – This is probably my favourite Makeup product

Lip balm/Gloss – When am not wearing lipstick

A good fragrance

What’s your Favorite fragrance?

Wacera Kieha: Mmmh. My natural smell.

Your Best place to eat out in Nairobi?

Wacera Kieha: I don’t eat out a lot and I also don’t like to cook. I love to explore and try different menus from different restaurants. I am currently trying out Spanish, Mexican & Indian cuisines.

What do you prefer Blog or YouTube?

Wacera Kieha: I have been blogging for almost 3 years now and it is time for me to try out YouTube. I think I will love both equally.

Your favorite top five Instagram accounts you can recommend following?
Wacera Kieha:
@CeraAccessories – Everything Fashion, Beauty & Homeware, all made in Kenya.

@Vogue – Fashion

@UNWomen – Gender Equality

@CravingYellow – Natural Hair

@Interiorblink – Home Decor

What’s your take on Kenya Fashion Industry?

Wacera Kieha: We have really grown, have a look at our Designers, Runway Shows, and also how Kenyans dress on daily basis. But, we need more affordable designers and this could be made possible if our textile industry is revived.

How can you rate Africa fashion and what’s your reason?

Wacera Kieha: I think Africa Fashion is really growing and the future is bright. We now have more designers, influencers, and Fashion events. West Africa and South Africa are ahead of the rest of us, and we need to borrow notes from them and work together.

Your favorite designer both local and International?

Wacera Kieha: I do not have a favorite fashion designer, I appreciate every design, as they are different and elegant in their own way.

Your Favorite travel destination?

Wacera Kieha: Beach, please. I love Beaches, I hope to explore as many as possible worldwide.

What’s the best fashion advice you’ve ever received?

Wacera Kieha: If you like it, forget the rules.

What was your most exciting moment since being an influencer?

Wacera Kieha: Every time someone clicks on my blog is an exciting moment for me. Meeting new people is also very exciting.

Who takes your pics?

Wacera Kieha: @Anthony_kariuki. I recently got a camera and I working on my photography skills and I hope to take my own photos soon.

How much time goes into a normal picture found on your Instagram account?

Wacera Kieha: I post photos from my blog’s shoots, which are already edited so, less than a minute should be enough. I am not a selfie person.

How can someone find you, your social media handles?
Wacera Kieha:
@WaceraKieha on Instagram/Twitter/Facebook/YouTube

@CeraAccessories on Instagram/Twitter/Facebook

Your most terrifying moment since being an influencer?

Wacera Kieha: I haven’t had one yet, and hope not to.

Tell us Something people don’t know about you?

Wacera Kieha: I am an extrovert who loves to keep her private life private.

What’s the best campaign you’ve ever worked on?

Wacera Kieha: I love each and every campaign I have worked on because I put so much into them. Though I love Cake Festival a lot, I love cakes.

Any future collaboration with fashion influencers from Kenya and Africa

Wacera Kieha: I have done several and am looking for more influencers for collaborations. Hit me up if interested.

Has anyone, or anything, in particular, inspire your creativity and artistic passion for blogging?

Wacera Kieha: My love for b/vlogging comes from my love for media. I get my inspiration from my daily life: places and people. I hope to do more in that space: tell people’s stories.

Fashion can be influenced by the environment we live in how would you describe your style do you wear as per the type of weather your experience and how does this impact your style?

Wacera Kieha: Over the years I have defined my style and it is slowly becoming a classic which I love. I am not a trends person so, I wear different pieces during different weather seasons and occasions, but you can still see my style in each.

Fashion Fades, Style Remains. Coco Chanel

Your closing remarks and advice to someone who would like to start a fashion blogger in Kenya and Africa

Wacera Kieha: Just start. You will figure out the rest on the way.

Content Courtesy Of  Wacera Kieha & Nairobi Fashion Hub 

Oscar Alochi


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