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Fabric Map of Africa By Mia Kora

Posted On : September 9, 2020

Oscar Alochi


Fabric map of Africa celebrating the richness of this beautiful continent through Mia Kora work and passion where art meets fashion.

Mia kora is a range of luxury scarves and shawls centered around the concept of bringing art into your everyday lives. Artwork and designs originally done by priya shah, mia kora now has a portfolio of artists joining the team to help create an art inspired fashion trend!
The team has expanded now to 25 graphic designers working in house, agents in Africa and Australia, collaborations with various design companies who share our passion for conservation and a great team on the factory floor who help bring Mia Kora designs to life.

I’m honoured and humbled at the impact this map has had, and how it has evoked a range of strong opinions. This map was born during lock down. It was created as a mood board to inspire my next collection based on my love of African textiles and patterns.

It took time to evolve, and I was constantly editing images until it was aesthetically pleasing and showed a range of fabrics. The map is a visual representation of the richness and beauty of African fabrics. It is an artistic reflection. Art sees no political boundaries, cast, religion or gender. Art in its truest form speaks across all barriers and lines. The map’s aim is to spread positivity and joy.
My dearest hope, as an African, is that this map raises worldwide appreciation and acknowledgment of African textiles and its high standing in influencing fashion and art.

Mia Kora Conservation

As life itself has been the very source of inspiration for Mia Kora’s collections, they have joined the worldwide movement to protect Africa’s elephants. By wearing one of Mia Kora ‘iconic elephants’ scarves, come together with them towards this cause.

Their latest collection is a tribute to the conservation efforts of the David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation. Alongside the other Artists who support this cause, they have designed scarves and shawls that are not only starting a new trend, but have a purpose. Mia Kora is also proud to be associated with Ol Pejeta Conservancy, helping raise funds through our scarves and paintings.

Content courtesy of Mia Kora 

Oscar Alochi


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