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Fashion Couture Affair 5th Edition in Dar es Salaam

Posted On : March 5, 2019

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Nairobi fashion hub brings you the latest trends from the front rows of the just concluded fashion couture affair 5th edition.

A lot has been said about this runway event which started right here in Kenya. Over the years we have seen it grow from a simple catwalk event to a high end international fashion runway event.

Fashion Couture Affair Changing The Fashion Industry In Africa

Let us take you through how their 5th edition went down in Dar es Salaam Tanzania. This is the first Kenyan runway event to be hosted outside the county.

The stage was set for the show and the location was perfect and atmosphere was just right for the occasion.

Something to note about this show was they had a lot of industrial players attending the event. Which is good if you are into fashion business.

Sorry I forgot to mention the theme for this edition was valentines that explains the timing of the event and the set you see below.

The event was able to bring together fashion designer from across the globe. What am sure everyone will agree with me is that from all the edition fashion couture affair has had, this one has produced one of the most creative and mind blowing designs.

From the red carper to the main runway, the setup was done very exquisite kudos to the team.

Event host was Diana Edward Loi Miss Tanzania with an amazing voice, very composed and technical knowhow of the job.

Designers who showcased their design collection at this year’s event ” Fashion Couture Affair 5th Edition” were

  • Kidato designs
  • Levra with culture
  • Angel Hudson
  • Baghai classic fashion
  • Mahamus Designs
  • Africa By Linet
  • Rama D

What we can learn from this event is that, they are trying to connect different countries through the work of fashion and art. Fashion Couture has had a significant growth and their track record speaks for themselves as they have always managed to deliver a quality experience for the audience, designers and all other participants.

This places the event among the top events in the East and central African block. Spreading out their wings to Tanzania seems like a bold move and one that was met positively considering the event has hosted quite a number of foreign designers in previous editions.

We hope to more of these kind of high end runway events that will create a good impart to the region and our day to day living.

Content Courtesy of Fashion Couture Affair & Nairobi Fashion Hub 

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