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Fashion Couture Affair

Posted On : December 10, 2017

Ann Mumbi


The Fashion Couture  Affair was founded by four young Kenyan’s fashionprenuer the platform main agenda was to give young and upcoming model’s and fashion designer’s  a place to showcase their talent to the world thus Fashion Couture Affair was born

On 9th December 2017 fashion couture affair held their 3rd Edition (vintage theme ) fashion runway at Nairobi Kenya Railways Museum ,event was attended by models, vendor’s and  fashion designers from East Africa, below is a full list of models and fashion designer’s who graced the occasion.


Fashion Couture Affair Vintage 3rd Edition

List of model’s at the 3rd Vintage Edition

Female Model’s

  1. Sonia Rozza
  2. Karen Karaze
  3. Maria Jaoko
  4. Awino Odino
  5. Idah Aluoch
  6. Jackline koncheliah
  7. Bridget Njehia
  8. Verah Adhiambo
  9. Eve Jackson
  10. Maria Njehia
  11. Maria Jaoko
  12. Natalia Njeri
  13. Margaret Wambui
  14. Edith Knight
  15. Britney Wayua
  16. Sheila Akinyi
  17. Faith Mwende
  18. Judy MuhuyU

Male Model’s

  1. Kendrick Mutuma
  2. Michael Gitau
  3. Felix Odeka
  4. Stephen Muyanga
  5. Bramwel Nanyendo
  6. Steve Omondi
  7. Duhn Mwangix
  8. Steven Stowel

List of Fashion Designer’s  at the 3rd Vintage Edition

Fashion Designer’s from Kenya

  1. Bantu
  2. Kalina Jewellery
  3. South City
  4. Ashley Murithi
  5. Janet Cherop
  6. Joy Wachira
  7. Jessica
  8. Jacqline

Fashion Designer’s from Tanzania

  1. Neste
  2. Kasikana ( won upcoming designer of the year at the Swahili Fashion Week Awards 2017 )
  3. Mkwadule’s Son  ( won the emerging designer award at the Swahili Fashion Week 2017 )

Event was officially sponsored By

  1. Big Square & Pizza Mojo
  2. Kenya Railways
  3. Hairowork
  4. Sterling Wedding & Events
  5. Light Art photography

What you missed at Fashion Couture Affairs 3rd Edition

Next year 2018 will be a big year for Fashion Couture Affair rising fashion bar in Kenya Brian Oreyo disclosed that their inspiration has always been to provide a platform for the youth in fashion especially young and upcoming designers. “So we decided to come up with this event so as to empower the youth through the work of fashion and art”

Words from Co-founder of Fashion Couture Affair Braian Oreyo

Content Courtesy Of Nairobi Fashion Hub & Fashion Couture Affair


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