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Fashion icon Connie Aluoch, Carole Kinoti, and Model Bidanya Barasa, Debra Sanaipei out to showcase designs during the Madaraka day fete

Posted On : May 30, 2021

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Four top models and fashion icons Debra Sanaipei, Bidanya Barasa, Connie Aluoch, and Carole Kinoti are preparing to showcase their self-designed outfits on June 1

The white dresses, embroidered with the Kenyan flag beads on the wrist, wraps, and waist, will be worn on Madaraka Day.

The designers, Carol Kinoti, Connie Aluoch, and models Bidanya Barasa and Debra Sanaipei described their style as unique and contemporary.

Their motivation is their love and compassion for being an African woman.

Speaking to Star Sasa, Carol, in Lad Flo-Cape, said the creativity of their dresses is highly inspired by the different physical aspects they have.

“I asked Connie what it takes for a Kenyan woman to wear best, then I remembered she is a typical example of an African woman and I decided to use her as my muse,” she said.

The dresses, described as Lad Occasional, Lad Red Carpet, Lad Skater, and Lad Flo-cape, symbolize peace, tranquillity, and patriotism.

Connie, in Lad Skater, attributed the success of her fashion career to a global approach and constant innovations. She is the brand ambassador, Lad Little Afro Dress, and a lecturer.

“I decided to be constantly innovative and I ventured into image consultancy, one-on-one image styling. I lecture fashion and give mentorship,” she said.

Bidanya, in Lad Occasional, and Debbie, in Lad Red Carpet, are legends in the modeling industry. They have now embarked on family business and real estate respectively.

Written By: Laura Shatuma
Photo Credit: Victor Imboto And Wilfred Nyangaresi

Content courtesy of The Star 

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