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Fashion Show: The “Mud Show” From Balenciaga Summer 2023 Dared To Delve Into The Vanity Of Fashion.

Posted On : October 4, 2022

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When it comes to its presentations during Paris Fashion Week, Demna’s Balenciaga never fails to put on a groundbreaking, attention-grabbing runway display.
Earlier occurrences included the emotive Winter 2022 show in the French capital, a red carpet presentation for SS22, and an episode of The Simpsons for the same latter season.
Earlier occurrences included the emotive Winter 2022 show in the French capital, a red carpet presentation for SS22, and an episode of The Simpsons for the same latter season.

The glitterati that has gathered in Paris for Spring/Summer 2023 was excited about Balenciaga and eagerly expecting today’s show in light of this.
Was it going to be another star-studded runway like the 51st Couture show, which featured Christine Quinn, Kim Kardashian, Nicole Kidman, Dua Lipa, and Naomi Campbell, or was Demna going to buck conventions & spin the story in an unexpected way?

Balenciaga did precisely the latter for SS23. It appears that Demna is up to his antics once more after being invited with Natalia Antunes’ misplaced pocketbook, the identity of whom now sets the tone for a mysterious Balenciaga presentation.
Such encoded language has impacted earlier presentations, like Winter 2022, which examined consumption, and Balenciaga’s takeover of Wall Street, which featured a pile of fake cash.
What’s up with the Balenciaga wallet that was found and lost by “The Mud Show”?
The runway will be the only judge.

Driving miles outside of the Parisian city center, Demna also defies fashion week conventions by not having a local presentation. This is an effort that shouldn’t be dismissed because a Balenciaga show frequently ends up being the season’s high point.

In terms of “The Mud Show,” that is. Christine Quinn, Kylie Jenner, Khloe Kardashian, North West, Anna Wintour, et al., as well as hundreds of other attendees, sat in a warehouse that was engulfed in a mudslide.
Ahead was a mud hole that was 20 feet deep, cavernous, undulating in texture and height, and had several pools and puddles of water. The walls and some areas of the floor were covered in a thick wash of black mud.
While the high fashion crowd’s luxury Balenciaga coats and pointed heels slid through the sloppy materials, the area was filled with a swampy odor.

Demna mentions identity and self-expression in his concert notes and stresses how wonderful it is to stand out from the crowd. Additionally, he asserts that “fashion loves labels and packaging more than anything else. Who cares if it’s luxurious, not luxurious, street, couture, nice, awful, buzzy, or viral? It’s limiting and a bit outdated to categorize fashion as polished, exclusive, and visually expensive.

Demna concludes by saying that he “decided to no longer speak my designs and explain my collections, but to depict a state of mind… This show’s set serves as a metaphor for seeking the truth and staying grounded. Let’s make love, not war, and let everyone be who they want to be.

The show couldn’t have been more natural if it tried, keeping that in mind. Models (including Bella Hadid) followed in full force and with a drive to push on, splashing into the deep mud and water after Kanye, who was wearing a complete security outfit.
In other places, infants were carried around in Balenciaga harnesses, tops were glittering, and others were made of latex with 404 error messages.
Teddy bears became handheld accessories, another bag was transformed into a wearable in the shape of a glove, and Demna’s widely shared Lays chip bag was transformed into a pochette.

Dresses ranged from active neck-hanging pieces to glitter bombs made of lamé that were pleated and dragged in the mud. In addition to a host of new track-like shoes and the reintroduction of the Knife Boot, glitter was used to dazzle on chunky platform clog versions of the Space Shoe.

In conclusion, Demna sent out a Le Cagole outfit. This entire leather garment was adorned with Le Cagole-isms, bag handles, and swinging ornaments dangling from the body, just like the boots and the bag that give it its name.

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