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Fashion That Benefits People, The Environment, And Wildlife In Africa’s Urban Ranch Kenya

Posted On : April 19, 2022

Oscar Alochi


Urban Ranch Kenya was established in 2021 with the goal of revamping Kenya’s leather supply sector by sourcing cow skins from conservancies where livestock and wildlife may coexist. By only purchasing our leather from these conservancies, we help wildlife conservation in Kenya even before any of our products are manufactured!

Urban Ranch not only uses finest Kenyan leather, but we also produce innovative color combinations for our products, keeping us current with worldwide trends and fashion.

However, the narrative does not finish there! When our leather products are sold, we donate 5% of the proceeds to Lion Landscapes, a Kenyan nonprofit dedicated to lion conservation. Our donations go toward ensuring that Kenya’s lion populations have adequate safe habitat to thrive.
Our products are not only amazing, but they are also “lion friendly” in every respect.

Many of our leather goods are embellished with stunning beadwork stitched by Kenyan ladies from community groups in rural Kenya. We send them our products to bead, and they add an extra sparkle to many of our leather items with their remarkable skill and our high-quality beads.

Urban Ranch is assisting in the empowerment of people who would otherwise have no employment opportunities by bringing our distinctly Kenyan products to foreign markets.

Our products may be purchased online (www.urbanranch.co.uk) and in our Nanyuki flagship store (www.urbranranchkenya.com) (next to Dormans coffee shop).

Content courtesy of Urban Ranch Kenya & NHF

Oscar Alochi


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