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Founder of Grapes Pattern Bank Adebusola Adetona , Talks about Textile Design and Exhibiting at AFWN2018

Posted On : September 7, 2018

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Adebusola Adetona started her textile business Grapes Pattern Bank 2 year ago in November 2016.
Grapes Pattern is a textile design and Printing Company they work closely with designers to custom make patterns for their brands.

They have a range of fabrics that designers can pick from, patterns are then digitally printed on to any fabric of their choice.

They work with designers from fashion to product designs. They recently started a textile line called Anikilaya Textiles for the everyday individual. Its’ not just limited to brands.

The Founder, Adebusola spoke on why she started a textile printing business.

“I really wanted to create variety regarding the patterns, I feel like we only see the same patterns every day and it is just being recycled. Also, concerning texture, we see a lot of cottons, crepe etc. There is so much more that we can explore”.

It hasn’t been easy in putting the textile business on the map she says, “It’s so easy for people to devalue your work because they see patterns everywhere, but they don’t understand the effort and time that goes into making a pattern. They appreciate it but won’t just put so much value on it. Also, starting a business in a place where the market is almost non-existing can be a bit challenging”.

Exhibiting her pattern collection for the first time at Africa Fashion Week Nigeria, she says

“My ready made patterns are mostly inspired by Nature, I use a lot of bright colors, layering and lines to create texture. My patterns are also very Afrocentric but with a hint of modernism. With the customized prints, I work with the designers’ mood board and color palette and I sometimes put in a little of my own interpretation”.

Content Courtesy Grapes Pattern Bank, Africa Fashion Week Nigeria & Nairobi Fashion Hub

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