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Future Face Africa, Africa’s Largest Model Search Competition, Prepares For A Grand Finale

Posted On : January 28, 2022

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Future Face Africa, Africa’s largest model search competition, is preparing for its grand finale event in Lagos. After a rigorous selection process involving physical castings in eight African countries, as well as thousands of digital applications from all over the world, the Future Face Africa judges have selected 18 finalists who will be flown into Lagos for a shot at turning their modeling aspirations into a reality.

The grand finale event will be taking place on Sunday, January 30, 2022, at Eko Hotel & Suites, where models will be competing for a chance to win a 2-year modeling contract with a top international modeling agency, as well as a $5,000 USD cash prize.

The FFA project is spearheaded by none other than Elizabeth Isiorho, a pioneer in the African modeling industry and the founder of Beth Model Management Africa, Africa’s largest modeling agency, and the organization behind Future Face Africa. Over the past 17 years, Beth Model Management has served as an industry pacesetter, helping to launch the careers of dozens of internationally placed models, and has cultivated some of the best talents in the industry, such as Mayowa Nicholas and Davidson Obennebo.

Elizabeth Isiorho previously organized Elite Model Look Nigeria, but after a 2-year hiatus, re-emerged with Future Face Africa to expand her model search beyond the borders of Nigeria alone, and offer a wider range of hopefuls a chance at success. FFA will be giving opportunities to people from various countries, backgrounds, and skin tones, aiming to go beyond the buzzwords of “diversity” and “inclusivity” to create an initiative that truly celebrates the range of beauty that the industry has to offer.

FFA will be equipping selected models with the knowledge and skills to achieve international success and to have long-lasting careers in a very competitive industry. For these models, Future Face Africa will be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that could change their lives forever.

Future Face Africa is proudly sponsored by Ecobank, Aquafina, MAC, Haute Couture, and Natures Gentle Touch.

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