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Gashumba’s Beryl Qouture Gown wins  Miss Uganda 2019 Red carpet

Posted On : July 31, 2019

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Anita Beryl is a Ugandan Fashion Designer, Couturier and Entrepreneur. She is the creative director of Beryl Qouture, a Ugandan fashion house and Award winning Ugandan couturier, popular for embracing femininity and romance, and marrying timeless elegance with high fashion sensibility.

Sheilah Gashumba serving plenty of emerald gorgeousness in custom Beryl Qouture gown!

On Friday 26th July 2019 evening, Uganda crowned its new Miss Uganda title holder at the Sheraton Kampala Hotel. Thousands of Kampala’s social elite gathered at the hotel’s gardens to witness Oliver Nakakande crowned the most beautiful girl in the land.

Prior to that, many of the attendees were serving plenty of style and oomph on the red carpet. And the self-proclaimed lil stunner, Sheilah Gashumba seemed to be out to reclaim her title as fashionista as she stepped out in an emerald coloured gown, custom made by award winning designer and couturier, Anita Beryl.

The media personality was a complete vision in her asymmetrical gown, that feautured a sequin detailed trail and cross over sleeve. She was spotted in the company of her friend and fashion maven, Brian Ahumuza, who opted for a broken suit look.

“Sheilah’s style is very playful and youthful, and that what we were trying to achieve with her ensemble. It was supposed to be formal, to fit the dress code, but also fun, and playful, which explains the asymmetrical detail of the gown. And Sheila is very style savvy, so working with her on this was quite effortless,” Anita Beryl explains.

Content courtesy Haguma Gloria of Nairobi Fashion Hub 

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