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Get your ÉKÉTÉ Designer Bag Spring/Summer’18 collection

Posted On : April 13, 2018

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The basket bag wave is still ongoing and we can say this is the 3rd season this trend is popping up so it’s safe to say the trend is going nowhere. As new collections pop up without fail, new DESIGNS and creation emerges in the ‘Apere’ (basket) culture. A new brand of Apere bags have surfaced thanks to this vibrant collection.

Designed by ethical fashion brand ÉKÉTÉ, we believe we’ve gotten to the right Apere bag shopping destination. The brand uses uses locally grown natural fibres combined with a well prodced leather to create beautiful Apere (basket) bags. Extremely Skilled artisans make the bags by hand and they come in different variations and shapes.

ÉKÉTÉ which means basket in the Igbo language is must certainly so much more than its literal meaning, it is a representation of the beauty and strength of a woman and the bond thats she shares with the people in her life. The brand prides itself on its modern take on an age-old traditional craftsmanship.

According to the statement following the release:

Baskets are malleable, intricately woven into different forms, shapes, and sizes whilst possessing a lasting staying power, these same qualities apply to women of all ages and race.

Our debut Spring/Summer’18 collection was inspired by our love for fashion, culture, and travel, and the burning desire to always carry a piece of home with us wherever we go. These summer bags are fun and colourful, as they are the perfect accessories for vacations, getaways to the beach and all your favourite summer activities. They also work perfectly to compliment your everyday style all year round.

Content Courtesy of  ÉKÉTÉ & Nairobi Fashion Hub

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