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Glamorous Fashion Show: Tribal Chic 2021 A Different World

Posted On : November 30, 2021

Oscar Alochi


Tribal Chic 2021

Nairobi’s most anticipated annual fashion event- Tribal Chic is back after a pandemic-induced hiatus. On December 4th, fashion enthusiasts will converge at the luxurious Tribe Hotel to celebrate the 11th edition of this glamorous fashion show.

Tribal Chic fills the void as a prodigious fashion intermediary connecting the dots between exceptional creativity and culture. This year, the theme is ‘A Different World’. Concept creator for 2021 Alvaro Daza, a Colombian citizen currently based in Nairobi, Tribal Chic will present an experience that speaks about diversity and a new world under construction.

Alvaro has curated fashion shows across the globe and he promises his debut show in East Africa will be one for the books.

‘‘The Tribe runway will go through different spaces, using new and more sustainable elements like scaffolding structures with LED screen strips and lights that change videos and colors according to the moment of the night.’’

He added that the runway will consist of three different themes, A Different World, Sustainably Trendy and One Tribe is Back each with at least four designers.

This year, Tribe Hotel will be hosting a pop-up market where designers and partners will have a chance to sell and showcase their products and be part of experiential activities, such as styling tips and crypto artistic presentations.

A new concept for 2021 is Tribe Collabs that will bring together fashion & lifestyle influencers, young designers, people interested in fashion & experts to solve a challenge.

They will use new rooms at the hotel which will be adapted into workshops where 5 groups composed of 5 people (1 designer, 2 influencers, 3 community members ) will have the mission to create three Haute Couture pieces with conventional materials, which will be supported by Little Red.

Tribe Collabs will also introduce a short runway on Saturday 4th December during the day to judge creations; the winning team has the opportunity to showcase their creation on the main runway.

The designer roll call at Tribal Chic 2021 will carry fashion behemoths like Avido, Deepa Dosaja, Mercedes Campuzano, Hernán Zajar, and Anyango Adeyde.

Tribal Chic 2021 will emphasize sustainable fashion and proceeds from this year will be donated to Ghetto Classics and their subsidiaries across the country.

Deepa Dosaja
Deepa believes in a sustainable fashion. Her label is focused on using natural fabrics and abstinence from using any harmful or environmentally unfriendly products. Furthermore, Deepa makes both measure service as well as off the rack collections to her clients.

She takes pride in amazing customer service and high-quality clothing.

David Avido
David is the founder of Lookslike Avido clothing brand. This is a street-made fashion brand of handcrafted clothes created in Kibra. David’s work speaks for him and he has worked with celebrities such as Don Carlos, G Money, Kelissa, Koffee, Etana, Naiboi, Chronixx, Nasty C, Talia Oyando, Fena Gitu, Ty Dolla Sign, Cecile, Bankslave, Bruno Mars, Hon Kenneth Okoth, Everton Blender and many more.

Anyango Adeyde
Anyango is a self-taught jewelry designer and the founder of Zanta Adeyde Accessories. Her unique creations use bones, beads, brass, and stones. Without a doubt, Zanta Adeyde’s beautiful designs ooze class, style, and creativity.

Kawira Mirero
The Mambo Pambo proprietor seeks to change the way people view and experience locally made clothes by offering high-quality, beautifully crafted, and well-fitting afro-inspired apparel. This clothing line sells bespoke and ready-to-wear apparel curated to cater to individual fashion needs.

Onyango Peggy
Onyango Peggy AKA Peggie O is an expert at luxury gowns and stylish casual wear. Her brand is versatile, all-season, and promotes the use of garments and raw materials sourced from Africa.

Randy Gowon
Fashionprenuer, model and stylist Randy Gowon leads Amu Clothing. Amu is the Arabic word for Lamu. The brand crafts effortless textiles and garments with combinations of softness and structure designed for comfort. Amu focuses on minimalist design, flowing and calm designs, and coastal color palates.

Fashion designer and content creator Hali Oduor partnered with Women’s clothing brand Hekaya. The brand is created to inspire young women through neutral versatile and bespoke pieces.

Hekaya, which means ‘fable‘ in Swahili, strives to tell a story through fashion

Enanai means ‘softness’ and ‘gentleness’ in Maasai. The brand is designed to flaunt the style and sophistication of leather.


Ikwetta is a brand of leather bags and footwear handcrafted by Kenyan artisans with a focus on sustainability. they believe in crafting pieces that are luxurious and timeless so they can be worn for years, even decades to come. To ensure this, Ikwetta sources only the finest materials from ethical factories.

Ikwetta on the other hand is a sustainable and handcrafted footwear brand. The gender-neutral collection has sandals, sneakers, boots, and much more.


Itikadi, meaning ‘traditions’ in Swahili, is a women’s and men’s contemporary apparel brand. The 3 brands will work together to make a high-quality and beautiful collection of kimonos, flats, bags, and other wardrobes

Itikadi is a Nairobi-based fashion brand with a contemporary style inspired by culture and art. With our women’s line, the brand seeks to blur the lines between femininity and strength always focusing on the Itikadi woman’s ability to embrace who they are with no apologies. Every collection tells a story that touches on the different aspects that make the Itikadi woman.

With our men’s line, it’s all about the raw aspects of manhood that are reflected in the customer of our bespoke suits and the different designs of our ready-to-wear items. This new man is rooted in the knowledge of his core purpose. That’s the Itikadi Man the brand seeks to release.

Mercedes Campuzano
Columbian designer Mercedes’ love for fashion is not a secret. Her looks iconic looks are packed with neutral tones, loose pants, flowy fabrics, clothing linen, and cotton, mostly white, beige, or earth colors. Her brand owns 14 stores, more than 30 corners in the main stores in Colombia and the world, presence in 8 market places with sales internationally in the US, Canada, Mexico, Panama, and Costa Rica. essentials.

Niku Singh
Yet another jewelry designer, Niku’s brand caters for the bold. His fearless creations have made him one of Kenya’s most sought-after jewelry designers. As a matter of fact, Niku has showcased in many local and international fashion shows some of which include London Fashion Week 2009 and Merc Benz Fashion Week 2014. His accessories use brass, aluminum & semi-precious stones.

Hernán Zajar
Hernán Zajar is one of Columbia’s finest fashion designers. He has designed for and dressed Columbian National Contest candidates for over 15 years. His stupendous fashion work has earned him opportunities to dress celebrities such as Claudia Schiffer, Joan Collins, Yvanna Trump, Jennifer López, and Former Miss Universe, Mpula Kwelagobe among others.

Content courtesy of Tribe & Nairobi Fashion Hub 

Oscar Alochi


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