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Hats for Women and How to Style Hats

Posted On : April 11, 2018

Ann Mumbi


Wearing hats, no matter what type, is the easiest way to make your outfit elegant almost instantly. These are timeless and a discerning choice of accessory for women who like dressing up. But, if you are new to the hat game, it can be quite overwhelming to look at all the hats out there and figure out what suits your personality and style. While some of them are occasion and event specific, some are traditional – while others are purely an add-on. The style of the hats differs from region to region, but there are a few hat styles that are pretty standard across the globe, and evergreen too. Let’s look at the different types of hats and how to style them.

Types Of Hats

Sun Hats
Sun hats were initially called the ‘lifeguard hats’, used by lifeguards who sit at the bay to provide them protection from the glaring sun and the scorching heat. These were usually made of straw or some other kind of plant fiber, and were pretty light. Just like all the other hats, these have gotten a makeover too and have changed with the times. Women seldom go on a beach vacation without wearing one of these. Wear it with bikinis, swimsuits, cover-ups, flowing dresses, and anything you want.

Derby Hats
Derby hats are the most iconic hats and are as English as they can get. They trace back to the 1800s when they were called bowler hats. Initially, these hats were about plain and elegant self-designs. They started to get a makeover as English and world fashion evolved. Women going to Polo matches in England wear these hats with formal dresses, and that’s the most famous look. A formal dress, a pearl neckpiece, pumps, and a small hand tote makes up a look that is as perfect as it can get.

Baseball Caps
Baseball caps are the easiest to style and are the most common hats used by both men and women. The baseball cap was specially designed to serve a purpose, and the idea for the basic design was to ensure that the cap sits in place, and extends out to give protection from heat and sun while one is playing sports, etc. These are now available in a million variants and are one of the most sought-after headgears. Wear it to feel sporty instantly.

Ann Mumbi

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