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Hats for Women and How to Style Hats

Posted On : April 11, 2018

Ann Mumbi


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Floppy Hat
Floppy hats were a big part of the Bohemian and hippie culture. Women with long hair and cascading curls wore these as an accessory to enhance their look. Just as the name goes, these come with a big and floppy rim that is not so sturdy, but that’s the detailing that makes them look stylish. Wear these with playsuits, floral dresses, jeans or anything casual on a hot summer day, and look effortlessly put together.

Cowboy Hat
The first thing that comes to your mind when you think about Cowboy hats is a Texan cowboy riding a horse and singing along on a ranch somewhere in Texas or New Mexico. Ranch workers in Southern states first started wearing these hats that had high crowns and big brims. Slowly, women started wearing these as well. Flannel shirts, jeans, boots, a cowboy hat, and a recycled leather bag – rustic and badass!

Beret Hat
Beret hats originated from France and Spain and were initially used as part of the military uniform before they gained popularity otherwise. These are usually made of wool, acrylic fibers, cotton, etc. They go perfectly with Western dresses and look incredibly stylish. Berets have no rim and are flat hats that just lay flat on your head, with the center of it popping out a little. It can be worn at the center, or on one side if you want to look all European. It goes well with formal one-piece dresses, pencil skirts, and pantsuits.

Beanie Hat
Another hat variant that was initially worn by men but became popular among women later on. This is one type of hat that all of us use, but may not know that it’s called a ‘Beanie’. It is a long and soft hat made of wool and provides protection and coverage in harsh winters. With time, this hat had its makeover too, and as we all know, it is now available in different colors and models. Beanies look cute with any winter outfit, and sometimes girls wear it otherwise too to make up for a bad hair day, and when they are in a mood to look a little badass.

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