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House of Aama Draws on the Fusion of West Indian and African Cultures

Posted On : February 17, 2023

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The mother-daughter team pays tribute by including a tale about the Anansi spider and its cultural influence in their artworks.
Rebecca Henry and Akua Shabaka, a mother-daughter team, debuted a collection for fall/winter 2023 that draws inspiration from the fusion of their respective West Indian and African cultures.
The atmosphere was created to honor family and an old folktale about a spider that traveled far and endured hardships and, occasionally, his own folly. Just adjacent to the curtain opening, where the models emerged, an altar was placed in the front.
It was a dedication to Akua’s father and Rebecca’s family members, and pictures of them were set out on a table with fruit, coffee, and decorations made of vibrant cloth as though to wish their ancestors well.

Whimsical Afro-Caribbean mixes played in the background as the show got started. First impressions: a model wearing a maxi dress with netting accents.
A luscious, ruffled green dress and a few masculine ensembles including long denim shorts and matching tops stood out. On the shoulders and back pockets of one of them was a bedazzled spider web.
The spider design was also present on mesh dresses in red and black color schemes. The menswear pieces, in my opinion, stole the show this season and may perhaps displace La Siréne, House Of Aama’s flagship item.

A beautiful mix was struck between the sophisticated and playful items; some models wore cropped tops, short skirts with curved button detailing, and mesh dresses, while others wore trench coats, satin suits, and dresses that had an “out for tea” vibe to them.
Ultimately, the show’s fusion of many aesthetics will guarantee its financial success.

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