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How to Develop Authentic Kenyan Brand in Fashion Industry

Posted On : April 2, 2018

Oscar Alochi


What Is a Brand
At its core, your brand is what consumers know about you.
This is established by your image, your products and your reputation.

What does your brand look like? What typefaces and design choices have you made? How do those things make people feel? What story are you telling? Can your customers relate to that or see themselves as being somehow a part of that story?
What products do you offer? Are they high quality? Convenient? Unique? What is different about them?
What do people say about you? If someone is a customer of your brand, what does that say about them?

A mature brand communicates instant understanding. A developing brand helps consumers understand who ‘you’ are in relation to what ‘they’ need. A poorly developed brand feels disconnected from its customers, disjointed, lacking definition.

Branding is mostly intangible. It primarily exists within the philosophical orientation of a company, and within the minds of consumers. However, branding produces real world results:

Good branding helps customers make key buying decisions.
Good branding tells customers what they will get.
Good branding makes people feel safe.
Good branding builds trusting relationships founded on honesty, authenticity and genuine understanding.

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Oscar Alochi


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