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How to dress to attract women

Posted On : April 24, 2020

Paul Oloo


“I don’t dress up for women, so why in the hell would I need to learn how to dress to attract women?” is what some of you are probably thinking. You like to dress casually. Jeans and sneakers. Even on dates with women you want to attract. You’re getting a lot of slack on your dress code. And you’re wondering why. Here’s why?

If you’re looking to attract high-quality women into your life, then a phenomenal sense of style is definitely the first major step. And contrary to what you may believe, Kenyan women have very high standards. Higher than most out there.

When she first lays her eyes on you, all she has to guide her decision making is your sense of style. That split second first impression will determine her level of attraction for you. And nothing screams “a quality man ahead!” more than a well thought out fashion sense.

So how do you ensure you dress to attract women? It’s easy. Ensure you have a few basics right.

Color scheme

Armed yourself a basic knowledge of neutral colors, your skin tone, and how these two aspects can be paired with stronger colors to make it all pop. There are 4 neutral colors.

  • Grey
  • Black
  • White
  • Tan

These colors can be worn with any other colors dependent on your skin tone. Essentially their neutral nature allows them to match perfectly with other bold colors. So for example. grey goes very well with red. It also goes well with blue. What you match it with will depend on your skin tone.

As a rule of thumb, go for some contrast with your dress code. The more light-skinned you are, the darker the shade of clothing. And vice versa.

That one statement piece

Every gentleman should always have that one luxurious statement piece. It could be an Italian fabric dinner jacket. Or a sweet pair of brogues. Maybe even be a high-end Tom Ford fragrance. It doesn’t matter.

All that matters is that it’s a unique standout piece that is not common in any way.

The 3 major advantages of a statement piece are:

  • They can be great conversation starters at functions, social events, and dates.
  • They tend to leave a powerful lasting impression on the women in question. You’ll linger in their thoughts long after the two of you have parted.
  • Because they are so powerful at creating attraction in women, they tend to bring back old flames. They do so by turning you into an entirely new you. As highlighted below.

There you have it. A brief guide on how to dress to attract Kenyan women.

Paul Oloo


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