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How to style khaki pants for special occasions

Posted On : May 12, 2020

Paul Oloo


Khaki pants for men in Nairobi Kenya are a dime a dozen. Everywhere you turn you will find a khaki trousers shop in Nairobi. So you probably have a wardrobe full of khaki pants. You wear them over the weekends. And on the more relaxed days.

But let’s say you have a very important function coming up. One in which you’ll absolutely have to make a big impression. Awesome. Unfortunately, all you have in your wardrobe are khaki pants. Not so awesome. What do you do to ensure you still look like a boss on this special occasion? Watch the video below.

He breaks it down very simply. Styling khaki pants for special occasions is easy. It’s all about the power and uniqueness of your statement jacket. And if you’re not a jacket man, then it’s about the beauty of your shirt. The more unique it is, the better it will look. Just make sure not to make the entire look too casual. I’ve always been a fan of the look of an un-tucked designer shirt that carefully matches informal pants. Popular on a lot of Kenyan politicians. Particularly on president Uhuru Kenyatta.

I’m a strong believer in one dressing up for themselves and not for others. So if khaki trousers are your thing, then you should absolutely rock them to your special occasion. The comfort you feel while in them will shine through for everyone to see. I’ve also always been a very strong believer n the following mantra. Dress for yourself. Not for anyone else.

That’s not to say you should ignore social protocol and dress as you please. Of course not. Dressing lazily is not a sign of independence. Or growth. It’s just bad manners. But dressing confidently based on your own individual style? Well, that’s that is the first step to great inner strength.

Paul Oloo

Paul Oloo


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