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How to Wear Liquid EyeLiner

Posted On : April 18, 2018

Ann Mumbi


Liquid eyeliner contours and gives a precise definition to our eyes. Simply said wearing liquid eyeliner will give you the WOW effect! However, the task of getting it on perfectly is definitely a tricky task, especially if you have shaky hands. With that, I must admit that if there is one makeup tool that I haven’t totally mastered, it is applying my liquid eyeliner. Either it comes out too thick or too thin, or looks like it has been lined by a five-year-old kid. A total disaster.
Thankfully, with new brushes, formulas, and better overall design improvements, I have realized that liquid liners are now easier to use than ever.
So, here’s a brief picture tutorial on how to use liquid eyeliner easily. One certainly needs some practice and patience before mastering this art and then you can play around with the liner for the type of contouring you want!Why Use Liquid Eyeliner?
A million dollar question, maybe! Unlike the pencil eyeliners, the liquid liner emphasizes the eyes in a dramatic way. Additionally, it makes the lashes appear fuller and lasts longer than a regular pencil.

Ann Mumbi

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