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If you’re going to have sex, stay away from the bathroom ” Accident prone Areas”

Posted On : September 30, 2020

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Many people want sex to be adventurous, fun and oh so steamy, which means they don’t mind being a bit daring. Sometimes that adventurous activity may lead to danger.

Experts at End of Tenancy Cleaning London surveyed 2 397 people to investigate which household rooms had caused the most sex-related injuries, and the results were jaw-dropping.

The most dangerous household room to have sex in is the bathroom.

If you are already accident-prone, a rendezvous in the bathroom is not a good idea. A whopping 91% of people are injured during a steamy shower moment with their partner, yet 75% of people said it was the place in which they most frequently had sex.

Coming in at No 2 is the kitchen.

About 86% of people revealed they were injured while turning the heat up in this room.

Yet 69% of people said it was the room they most commonly found themselves having sex in.

Lily Francis, 46, who participated in the survey, shared her story: “Me and my husband have been together since we were 16, and like with any long-term relationship, you’re always looking to spice things up. Little did we know we’d end up in A&E (Accident and Emergency room). As I was cooking dinner, we started to go at it. But when we moved stuff off the countertops a knife came off and landed on my husband’s foot. So, what was meant to be a spontaneous romp turned into 16 hours of sitting in A&E on a Friday night with a ruined casserole.”

According to the survey, the lounge is another place people love to have sex, with 83% of couples choosing to get steamy on the couch or other places in the room.

Around 75% of people have been injured while having sex in the lounge.

The bedroom – no surprise here – is the most popular place to have sex, with 98% heading there for their lovemaking sessions.

What might surprise you is that 72% of people surveyed said they sustained some kind of sex-related injury in the bedroom – ranked the fourth-most dangerous place for having intercourse.

One of the respondents, Dan James, 38, shared his story:

“When I was younger I ‘dated’ this girl who had braces (yes, I think you know where I’m going). My parents were out for the weekend. She came over, and we were getting into it. She gave me oral – to which I screamed, and not through enjoyment. Her brace had come loose and caught my foreskin. Luckily, I’m still intact, but after that we never saw each other again.”

Around 67% of people confessed to sustaining a sex-related injury in a loft or attic, while only 3% were injured while having sex in the pantry.

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Resident Sex Columnist Adviser


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