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In The November Issue Of Vogue Arabia, Naomi Campbell Dons Four Looks From African Fashion Houses.

Posted On : November 16, 2022

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The cover of the November 2022 issue of Vogue Arabia Magazine features supermodel Naomi Campbell and was shot by fashion photographer Sam Rawadi.
Amine Jreissati served as the fashion director, Sam Allison and Ankita Chandra produced, and True North handled set production. Robert Behar was in charge of styling, Angloma, a makeup artist, and Kiril Vasilev, a hair stylist, are responsible for beauty, Naomi is sporting an outfit from El Tayeb Nation on the cover.

Using her position during public appearances to promote the upcoming generation of designers, supermodel Naomi Campbell is well known for actively promoting obscure international businesses, particularly those from the African continent.

I think it’s so important to be unified, and for creatives to come together without borders or boundaries to express themselves and what they do. Everyone’s now looking towards Africa for the next big thing, but I’ve been visiting and working in the continent since 1993. When you have the passion to do something it’s from the heart, it’s not a trend. I’ve always believed in the continent. I’m so proud of what I see, and I want to share that with the world

~ Naomi Campbell ~

Nowhere was it more clear than in the November issue of Vogue Arabia Magazine, where she wore four costumes made by African designers.
In this issue, Naomi talked openly about being a mother, encouraging up-and-coming artists with an emphasis on African talent, and other causes dear to her heart.
Robert Behar was in charge of styling, Amine Jreissati was in charge of fashion, Kiril Vasilev was in charge of the hair, and Angloma was in charge of the makeup.
Naomi wore a full ensemble from the Sudanese-French womenswear label El Tayeb Nation on the cover.

The ageless beauty chose an off-white pair of thigh-high boots to go with the string cape she wore as her second costume, created by the sustainable Nigerian firm NKWO totally out of waste.

Naomi then changed into a fish and chips print outfit from the newest SS23 collection by South African fashion designer Thebe Magugu. She added a pair of scarlet thigh-high boots to complete the look.
Naomi looked stunning in an Aso-Oke blazer designed by Nigerian fashion designer Kenneth Ize. She accessorized the look with bold rings by Noudar and off-white thigh-high boots.

Content courtesy of Vogue Arabia & NFH

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