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JW Show 2019 – Media Launch

Posted On : March 3, 2019

Linda Wairegi


The JW Show 2019 is back this year.  In 2018, it brought together people within the fashion industry including fashion models, fashion designers, make-up artists and more.

JWs’ theme this year is ‘Made in Kenya by Kenyans’. An end to end approach. It’ll look at production, distribution & fashion sales. The Media launch was held on 1st March at Melili Hotel from 6pm.

The panel that will help shape JW this year are Liz Njoroge, Ken Pope, Idah Odeka, Nivea Debra and KFCB (Kenya Film Classification Board) was represented by Nelly Muluka.

Liz Njoroge has over 10 years in the fashion industry. Indeed, it has blossomed a passion for training and mentoring upcoming fashion designers. It’s difficult for upcoming designers to connect with established designers so they can gain insight from them. By creating a database/center where all designers can tap into each other or learn a new skill, this will help bridge the gap.

Ken Pope will be assisting with Quality Control & he’s been in the industry more than 4 years. His passion is fabrics. In Kenya, most designers are forced to work with whichever fabric is available yet abroad people can even design their own fabric.

Liz Njoroge & Ken Pope will work closely together with fashion designers involved in JW 2019.

Idah Odeka has been a model since 2014. She has extensive knowledge about the Kenyan modelling industry. This includes the different types of modelling e.g. Runway Modelling vs Fashion Modelling. Her belief is that anyone can be a model at any age. 

Nivea Debra is a runway model and catwalk coach. She’ll assist in scouting models so they’re ready for the JW Show 2019 runway. Of course, the right attitude and the right pose helps showcase clothes created by the designers in the best way. Nivea promises intense and unique choreography this year.

JW will scout models at the county level so that models, anyone can audition for this prestigious opportunity.

Jeffrey, the founder of JW is pushing for more partnerships between fashion stakeholders. We all need each to other for this business to thrive & reach its potential.

Hafsa Mohammed from Hafsa doll house designs, was a part of JW 2018 as a fashion designer. Naturally, she learnt a lot from the platform provided by the JW Show 2018 and gained amazing networking opportunities.

Nelly Muluka on behalf on KFCB wants JW & KFCB to work together to promote a Kenyan national identity through film & fashion.

Keep an eye out for the Fashion Forum in March 27th & the Gala Night in November, which are both unmissable fashion events.

Nairobi Fashionhub will also share the dates for model scouting at different counties including Nairobi, Kisumu & Kirinyaga.


Pictures courtesy of JW Show 2019.

Linda Wairegi

Creative writer interested in life & being happy 😉

Linda Wairegi

Creative writer interested in life & being happy ;)


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