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Kejeo Designs Launches Holidays Collections SS21 For Modern Curvy Women 

Posted On : November 23, 2021

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Kejeo Designs has been turning vibrant textiles into modern styles for Western women since 2016. Now, the fashion brand is releasing its newest Holidays 2021 Collection on October 29, 2021, that founder, Sena Ahohe, created with modern, curvy women in mind.

The fashion boutique gets its name, Kejeo (Ké-Jé-O), from the word “nou kéjéo-a,” which means something looks beautiful on you in the Mina language spoken in Benin and Togo in West Africa. Kejeo Designs prides itself on bringing the beauty and vibrancy of African culture to the West with its clothing decorated with premium African print fabrics such as Ankara or Mud Cloth.

And for over five years now, Kejeo Designs has made African clothing lines for men and African clothing lines for women that inspire a sense of pride in African ancestry.

Kejeo Designs has released many colorful and beautiful collections over the years that feature clothing for men and women of all sizes and stylish accessories. But their newest drop, the Holidays 2021 Collection, has been long-awaited.

The Holidays 2021 Collection will feature size-inclusive styles for the modern woman who’s been searching high and low for fashion that compliments their shape and style!

Size-inclusive clothing doesn’t have to be boring.

And Kejeo Designs proves just that with their new collection that’s full of bold African print, feminine and classic silhouettes, and clothes that show off your curves not hide them.

Discover dresses, tops, outerwear, and more in the Holidays 2021 Collection that comes in a range of accessible prices that’ll make any woman feel confident in their skin this season.

Kejeo Designs is committed to the belief that regardless of your size, shape, or color, you deserve to wear clothing that makes you feel confident in your self-expression and feel proud of African culture. The brand plans to release more collections in the future and expand its reach. But for now, you can find their new Holidays 2021 Collection on October 29th

Content courtesy of Ein Presswire and Nairobi Fashion Hub 

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