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Keyara Organics

Posted On : June 10, 2019

Ann Mumbi


Keyara is a premium brand and our packaging and branding appeals to the upwardly mobile target market.

Keyara Organics is a proudly Kenyan, organic and Natural skin care business that keeps Africa at the heart of its philosophy. They are a skincare line that draws the best of Africa’s oils and butters. We package them to suit today’s upwardly, mobile yet nature living and aware individuals. Our products are great for Pregnant women and mums. They are also very good for babies.

Keyara Organics is a proudly Kenyan, organic and Natural skin care business that keeps Africa at the heart of its philosophy.

Keyara Organics provides Pure Natural body care products with ingredients drawn out from the purest of African oils and butters, ranging from Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, Coconut oil, Macadamia Oil and Black African Soap, the list continues to grow as we continue to explore the rich wealth of Africa’s beauty

Keyara Organics is committed to developing and retailing high quality African made body and hair care products, blended with essential oils to get your skin alive, young fresh and beautiful. ‘KEYARA Baby’ line products are formulated with only the best ingredients to add some extra care to our little bundles of joy.

Keyara Organics has five brands: (Keyara Shea Butter, Keyara Shea & Almond Keyara SHEA & Coconut Oil and Keyara Baby).

Keyara Shea Butter
This ultra-hydrating extract from Shea Tree nuts is a Treasure from Northern Uganda, a pride of the African Savanna. KEYARA packages the best of this rare and exotic butter and delivers to you an ultra hydrating hair and body balm. 100% unscented, no additives, no preservatives, best for baby too!

Keyara Absolute Shea
(Infused with Almond oil and Frankincense) With its well known benefits for your hair and skin, KEYARA infuses shea butter with Frankincense oil which is aids in fading scars, stretch marks, fights eczema strengthens hair roots, tones and lifts skin and reduces the appearance of wrinkles.

Keyara Shea
(With Macadamia oil and Lyang Lyang) Shea Butter infused with Macadamia oil offers beautifying benefits for your skin. In addition to its moisturizing benefits, macadamia is packed with antioxidants and essential fatty acids that protect your skin and promote healing following sunburn or other types of skin damage.

Keyara Coconut Oil
Coconut oil prevents dryness and flaking of skin, delays the appearance of wrinkles. Coconut oil also helps in treating various skin problems including psoriasis, dermatitis, eczema and other skin infections. It’s being used as a frizz tamer, eye cream, cuticle oil, and make up remover. It is great for healthy shiny hair and preventing dandruff.

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