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Leandi Mulder Designs Creative and Fashion Designer from South Africa 

Posted On : July 31, 2018

Oscar Alochi


Leandi Mulder Designs is a South African-based brand founded in 2016 by Leandi Mulder. Adopting sustainable fashion and mindfulness in design as underlying philosophies for their creations, the brand challenges the context of commercial fashion, giving an original and inspirational alternative to  clothing as we know and accept it today.

Leandi Mulder’s designs focus on finding innovative methods of transforming textile waste into new fabrics that have a unique aesthetic. Speaking to Twyg about how sustainability is weaved into the DNA of her brand, Mulder said, “My work as a designer gravitates towards exploring ecological and sustainable design through recycling and upcycling.

I look at the resource potential of waste-clothing, and through using an intuitive and creative process I transform scraps of fabric into textile pieces used in my garments.” Curated for the confident, environmentally aware consumer, Leandi Mulder’s pieces tell a story of conscious fashion consumption.

Content Courtesy Of Leandi Mulder Designs, Industrie Africa  & Nairobi Fashion Hub


Oscar Alochi


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