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L’Oreal Age Perfect Hydra-Nutrition All-Over Honey Balm

Posted On : June 27, 2019

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L’Oreal’s Age Perfect Hydra-Nutrition All-Over Honey Balm is a soothing way to tackle dry skin, and although it’s pretty good, it’s not without faults.

First and foremost, this comes in an opaque plastic squeeze tube, so its beneficial ingredients are protected from light and air that can cause them to lose their effectiveness. The rich, cream-gel texture is moisturizing yet not overly thick and absorbs quickly without leaving a sticky residue.

There are plenty of hydrating and moisturizing ingredients included, among them shea butter, apricot, sunflower, passionfruit, and rice bran oils, and the honey ingredients that play heavily into this product’s advertising (honey, beeswax, and royal jelly). All will help dry skin appear plumped and smooth, and have antioxidant benefit, too. You might say honey is the bee’s knees!

This also has a relatively strong honey scent, but it doesn’t come from those ingredients. Instead, it’s because of the inclusion of fragrance + fragrance ingredients, among them geraniol and citronellol. The scent isn’t overpowering, but it does linger a bit, and fragrance of any kind puts skin at risk of irritation (see More Info for details).

Overall, this is a good moisturizing option, but if it was fragrance-free, it would’ve earned a spot on our best moisturizers list.

Note: while L’Oreal claims that the type of honey in this product, manuka honey, is extra “nourishing,” it is no more or less special for skin than any other type of honey.


  • Gel-cream texture is moisturizing without being overly thick.
  • Absorbs quickly without a sticky residue.
  • Includes numerous hydrating and moisturizing ingredients.
  • Many ingredients have antioxidant benefits as well.


  • Contains fragrance and fragrance ingredients that pose a risk of skin irritation.

Jar Packaging: No

Tested on animals: Yes

Read more info about Why Fragrance Is a Problem for Skin

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