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L’oreal Unlimited Mascara Waterproof

Posted On : June 22, 2019

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L’Oreal’s Unlimited Mascara Waterproof is a great mascara that performs as claimed… though it’s not quite as impressive as its washable counterpart.

The first thing you’ll notice about this fragrance-free mascara is its packaging: instead of a slim tube, it’s wider at the bottom, with a hinge at the point where you twist the wand out. You can either twist the wand out straight or bend it at a 90-degree angle and then pull it out of the tube. You can also bend the wand after it’s out of the tube, though that requires touching the brush and potentially getting mascara on your hands.

What this does is allow for straightforward application, or a shortened handle length (when it’s bent) that allows for the brush to reach the corners of the eyes. We found it remarkably effective and were able to coat even the tiniest lash.

The formula here works well to add length, volume, and curl to lashes, resulting in an attractive, slightly-more-enhanced-than-natural look. It doesn’t clump, flake, or smudge, and is waterproof as claimed. You will need a longwearing makeup remover to ensure removal of every trace of it at the end of the day.

All told, it’s a great mascara with great packaging, though we must admit that it doesn’t have quite the blockbuster, false lashes effect as its washable sister. That’s not a bad thing, just something to keep in mind in case you were expecting the same results from both products.

*Note: While this product contains a moderate amount of denatured alcohol, it’s not an issue since lashes are dead and therefore not susceptible to damage, and it doesn’t cause any lash stiffness or dryness.


  • Bendable brush allows for precision application to every lash.
  • Mascara adds moderate length, volume, and curl to lashes.
  • Doesn’t clump, flake, or smudge.
  • Waterproof as claimed.
  • Fragrance free.


  • Not as impressive as its washable counterpart.

Jar Packaging: No

Tested on animals: Yes

Content courtesy of Beautypedia & Nairobi fashion hub

Nairobi Fashion Hub

Nairobi Fashion Hub


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