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L’Oreal Voluminous Superstar XFiber Primer + Fiber Mascara

Posted On : June 28, 2019

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L’Oreal is no stranger to creating fantastic mascaras, and their 2-step Voluminous Superstar XFiber Primer + Fiber Mascara perfectly confirms this.

As the name implies, you get two separate products packaged in a dual-sided tube. Step 1 is the primer, a sheer black tint that builds a foundation for Step 2, the curved-brush mascara.

The primer separates and lengthens lashes so well, you might be tempted to stop there if dramatic lashes aren’t your thing. But adding the mascara ratchets results from good to beyond great—the second step merges with the first to create a very close approximation to false eyelashes or lash extensions!

Lashes are lifted, super long, and voluminous without looking clumpy or spidery. It’s a very clean appearance but remarkably impactful, and the combined formulas wear without a hitch.

Whereas false eyelashes and lash extensions can be difficult and time-consuming to remove (assuming you’re trying to be gentle and not damage your real lashes), Voluminous Superstar XFiber Primer + Fiber Mascara washes off completely with a water-soluble cleanser, no pulling, peeling, or rubbing needed.

If you opt to use step 2 alone, you’ll find that the mascara portion isn’t too impressive. It’s OK, but too mild-mannered to deliver superstar lashes. You have to begin with step 1 to get wow-factor results, and the extra step is totally worth it.

What about the fibers? We didn’t detect them, although Step 2 contains rayon, a fiber typically used to make clothing that’s fine for lashes. That’s a good thing because with such fibers you want to see their effect without seeing the fibers themselves, either on your lashes or as fallout on skin around the eyes. The bottom line is that whether the fibers are evident or not, they don’t flake and likely enhance this mascara’s performance.


  • Tinted primer + mascara produces beautifully defined, dramatic lashes.
  • Ideal for those who want impressive length and thickness.
  • Comes close to creating a false lash/lash extension look.
  • Wears without a hitch.
  • Removes with a regular cleanser.
  • Fragrance free.


  • The mascara side alone isn’t too impressive.

Jar Packaging: No

Tested on animals: Yes

Content courtesy Beautypedia & Nairobi fashion hub

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