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Mai Atafo Showcasing her Wedding Collection at Asfa2017

Posted On : January 5, 2018

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Renowned Nigerian fashion designer Mai Atafo showcased his “Weddings by Mai Atafo” collection last Friday at the Abryanz Style and Fashion Awards, creating an elusive fairy-tale masterpiece we will all live to remember. The essential beauty Charles Perrault gushes about in those historical fairy-tale books was brought to life by the bespoke man himself. Bridal gowns, jumpsuit gowns and trails graced the runway, each breath-taking than the other. The disarming models were topped by the dapper tailored suits the “Mai Atafo” brand has grown repute for. Sharp-looking, well-tailored and diversely coloured is what one would call these tuxes in a nutshell.

And just when we thought the show was a wrap; we had definitely seen it all, one of the angelic models that had her back towards the audience turns around and puts on a powerful vocal performance leaving the entire room chilled. However, nothing shutdown the show like the totally unexpected ball room dance piece paying homage to the Hollywood acclaimed film, @Beauty and the Beast”

A gentle man in a dazzling suit and beastly mask masqueraded on one side of the runway, with a cunning enchantress in a yellow ballroom dress on the other. They swayed to the musical sensation “Beauty and the Beast” by Emma Thompson as they mirrored the moves in the film which was being played on the big screens. The audience was so stunned by the showcase they applauded loudly all through. The performance concluded with a bow as the beast took off his mask to reveal the one and only, Mai Atafo.

The ASFA 2017 musical performances were lit all thanks to our proud sponsor Bell Jamz that ignited the Bell Jamz Expereince. The roundup was sick, massive and exceptional, it included the Kitone mama, Desire Luzinda, te Kutama King, Fik Fameica, Dancehall king Nutty Neithan, The queen herself Sheeba, dance mama Hellen Lukoma and the explosive youngsar Latinum. This stellar lineup was topped by South Africa’s sensational duo Mafikizolo.
These artistes brought their game, but let’s first go all fashion police on their ensembles. Desire being the kitone mama had to arrive in a body hugging number, a black sequence number at that.

Content Courtesy Of Abryanz Style and Fashion Awards

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