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MakeUp Tips for Teenage Girls

Posted On : May 2, 2018

Ann Mumbi


High School and college are such fun days! Cool and trendy dresses, experiments with makeup, funky hairstyles are every young girl’s obsession through these years. Today’s post is dedicated to all our teenage friends who love makeup and want to experiment with looks. However, before discussing the makeup or teens which you may try out, it is very important to know that a clear and glowing face is the first step to teen makeup. And following the CTM (cleansing, toning and moisturizing) routine religiously is the secret to the much desired radiant skin.

So, let’s first discuss about a simple tutorial on how to apply makeup for teenage girls and then move to teenage makeup tips.

Teenage Makeup Tutorial
As your skin is very sensitive at this age and will react to any harsh cosmetics, therefore it is better if you keep your makeup to the minimum.

Step 1:
First, make sure to clean your face of any oil or dirt with a face wash. Dab a little bit of toner to your skin and finish off with a moisturizer. Use a moisturizer with SPF as it will also act as a sunscreen.

Step 2:
Foundation is not needed for a teenage skin (it evens out skin tone). So if you have to use one, take a very small amount and blend it thoroughly all over your face.

Step 3:
If you want to cover up any problem areas of your skin like blemishes, under eye circles or pimples, you may use a concealer. Choose the best concealer, which matches your skin tone; otherwise, it will look out of place. Take a very small amount and blend it out with your finger.

P.S.: Your fingertip is the best blender, you don’t need a brush.

Ann Mumbi

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