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Mama Earth Products Kenya’s Natural Products Online Shop

Posted On : May 30, 2019

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Everyone is looking to go green these days, whether with packaging, food or skincare. And why not? Organic products have been proven to be better for both you and the environment. The question is, where can you easily find what you’re looking for?

Well we have good news!  You can now get your favourite natural brands all under one roof. Mamaearthproducts is a new website that features Kenya’s locally-made organic brands.  . It’s about time we promoted local talent, don’t you think?

What’s in store


MamaEarth has everything ranging from cleansers, moisturizers, facemasks and even bath salts.  The website features great brands like:

  • Kara Sidai- for superfood luxury soaps.
  • Chebe hair butter for all the naturalistas out there who want to grow their hair.
  • Fluffy buttah– which is whipped body butter that moisturizes your skin. It also comes in three flavours that smell like heaven.
  • Liku bath salts– Imagine coming home from a long day of work to a hot, therapeutic bath with tingly salts. Yes please!


If you’re looking to be clean and green on the inside, there are also food products you can get.

  • Beehappyke honey – This is raw forest honey with a variety of interesting flavours including ginger, cinnamon and chilli!
  • Flavour infused jam- Did you know you could have dark chocolate and raspberry  in your breakfast spread? Neither did we!
  • Absolute chocolate– This locally-made chocolate brand is to die for. They have a whole range of creative flavours including Mexican chilli chocolate, peppermint crisp and sorrento orange.

What we love about this is that each local brand gets recognized. Next to each product is a snippet of the individual company so that you can know the story behind it.

Shipping is only 300 bob and happens every Thursday.

Content courtesy of Mama Earth Products & Nairobi Fashion Hub 


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