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Margaux Wong

Posted On : March 1, 2018

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Margaux Wong, based in Burundi, East Africa, is an innovative design hub where artisans have been transforming discarded cow horn and brass into luxurious, beautiful wearable art since the brand launched in 2001.

The brand’s artisans are the center and essence of Margaux Wong, and they continually strive to create objects of beauty. Founder and Creative Director Margaux Rusita, originally from Guyana, South America, draws inspiration from her homeland and home-continent.

Having lived and worked in Burundi for the last 10 years, she pulls from the turmoil and victories that come with being an artist in the country.

All Margaux Wong designs are hand-made and each piece is unique due to the special quality of the cow horn.

The brand emphasizes the value and the natural beauty of the horn and does not add dyes, paints or varnish to their merchandise.

Each piece is hand polished to the finest finish using tedious traditional techniques.

Constantly working to produce the most prized artisan jewellery from the finest cow horn in the region, Margaux Wong prides itself on its sustainable and eco-friendly practices.

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