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Mariama Diallo Film “Hair Wolf”

Posted On : January 19, 2018

Ann Mumbi


Hair Wolf, U.S.A. (Director and screenwriter: Mariama Diallo)  In a black hair salon in gentrifying Brooklyn, the local residents fend off a strange new monster: white women intent on sucking the lifeblood from black culture.


About Mariama Diallo
Mariama Diallo is a writer and filmmaker who lives in Brooklyn, New York. Mariama won a Mortimer Hays-Brandeis Travel Fellowship to shoot the documentary project “I Saw a Cross,” which is currently in post-production and is being produced by filmmaker Terence Nance. Along with director Frances Bodomo, Mariama cowrote “Everybody Dies!” which formed part of the ‘Collective:Unconscious’ omnibus that premiered at 2016’s SXSW Film Festival and which The New Yorker’s Richard Brody described as “a sharply satirical parody.”
Mariama graduated in 2010 from Yale University as a Film Studies and Political Science double major. This course of study laid the foundation for a cinematic approach that seeks to integrate social and political themes into film.


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