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Market Demand for East Africa Fabric Kitenge

Posted On : April 16, 2018

Ann Mumbi


Market Demand for East African’s fabric Kitenge In the past few years  there has been a sharp rise in demand for East African’s fabric Kitenge, Kenya is beginning to appreciate and value home grown fashion industry, and designers are dropping the cliche that African fashion has to look African more local designers are coning up with creative designs to suit the millennial most of the design are made of local fabric kitenge 

Kenyans wear the Kitenge as an appreciation of culture and creativity. As such, you are more likely to see such dresses during events such as Concur De Elegance, Koroga festival , Blankets and Wine,  among others. Fashion designers have tapped into the growing demand for the Kitenge by creating unique and beautiful pieces. Today, you can find just about anything; traditional top and down or the modern Kitenge fused with other fabrics (laces, denim, silk).

What is Kitenge ?
Kitenge is an East African cotton fabric printed in various colours and designs with distinctive borders, used especially for women’s clothing,Kitenge or chitenge is an East African, West African and Central African fabric similar to sarong, often worn by women and wrapped around the chest or waist, over the head as a headscarf, or as a baby sling.

Ann Mumbi

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