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Meet Designer Behind Walls of Benin Brand Chi Atanga from Cameroon

Posted On : August 6, 2018

Ann Mumbi


Launched in 2015 by Chi Atanga, a Manchester-born Cameroonian, Walls of Benin is a ready-to-wear loungewear brand for men and women. When asked about what inspired the name of his brand, Atanga said, speaking to Bella Naija, “My main point in choosing the name is to share my belief that we as Africans need to think in a Pan-African manner.


My father was educated at the University of Ibadan, I myself am from the North West of Cameroon, my brand is produced in East Africa, we need to think more widely as African rather than one particular country, and the Walls of Benin is not just about one particular space or place, it’s for everyone.” Playing to this notion of a wider, pan-Africa, the brand’s silk and tencel print designs have a decidedly universal appeal.

Though the brand’s textiles are made in Portugal, the clothing itself is made in Kenya. Atanga himself is a champion for African fashion and African luxury in particular. Having previously worked in education, he has become an advocate for African fashion at the highest levels, and has spoken at the House of Lords as part of the All Parliamentary Party Group for Trade Out of Poverty.

He also works to further the role of African companies, encouraging them to play a larger role in garment production. Walls of Benin is designed for longevity, and at its core, the brand celebrates an African aesthetic that’s built to withstand time.

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