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Meet Kat Van Duinen Fashion Designer and Creative Director From South Africa

Posted On : September 28, 2018

Ann Mumbi


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Do you think South Africa’s designers support each other?

Kat van Duinen: I think they do. Yes. There is much collaboration and exchange amongst the designers. Support isn’t always the first word that comes to mind – but there is plenty of respect.

What do you think of Kenyan fashion industry and who would you like to work with in Kenya?

Kat van Duinen:Kenya is an incredible country. I have been fascinated with it for decades. There is so much talent and resources.
I feel there is a very specific style majority of the designer’s present.
I would love to work with local artisans – basket weavers, beads makers, fabric designers and manufacturers, batik makers, knitters…

What’s the future of Fashion Industry in South Africa?

Kat van Duinen: We live in very unpredictable times. There is very little support from the authorities. Many superb labels closed their doors in the last two years.

I think the entire continent’s fashion is on the rise – it just isn’t easy because we miss the infrastructure and often the resources.
Also African people choose western labels over the local ones. I do hope this is about to change.

Name any 5 Fashion designers in Kenya?

Kat van Duinen: Adele Dejak – who often visits South Africa
Patricia Mbela
Sally Karago
Vivienne Taa
Evelyne Adongo
Wambui Mukenyi – Bridal

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Kat van Duinen: In 5 years, I would really love to have many established relationships across the continent, Europe and States.

I would love to stock our pieces in various, interesting boutiques – with clientele understanding the exotic leathers, appreciating contemporary design with a great finish.

I would really love to have more young designers on-board…
Who knows?

What were your achievements?

Kat van Duinen: My greatest achievement was and is my family.

Ann Mumbi

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