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Meet Kelechi Uchendu American born Fashion Designer founder and CEO of Kay Kay’s Fashion

Who is Kelechi Uchendu?

Kelechi Uchendu : In 2013, I completed my Bachelor of Arts in Political Science Pre-Law with a specialization in Environmental Science from Michigan State University.

I also received my JD and LLM from Vermont Law School in 2016 and 2018, respectively. In addition to writing, I am a legal researcher at Columbia University, a blogger for my personal blog: kaykaysway.blogspot.com, an avid traveler who has visited all seven continents including Antarctica, a writer for Detroit Fashion News,  and the CEO of Kay Kay’s Fashion: kaykaysfashion.com/press which has been featured in British Vogue and Tatler.


Kay Kay’s Fashion 

When did you first realize you wanted to pursue a career as a Fashion designer?

Kelechi Uchendu : I have always respected the fashion industry and I have always had a passion for fashion. However, I realized that I wanted to be a fashion designer in October 2016.

Which Year did your start your brand Kay Kay’s Fashion?

Kelechi Uchendu : I started Kay Kay’s Fashion in 2017.

Did you relocate permanently to the USA?

Kelechi Uchendu : I did not need to relocate to the USA because I was born in the USA. Growing up I lived in Canada and in the USA and I currently live in the USA. I also have a Nigerian passport as well, so I am a Nigerian and American citizen.

Why did you choose this career?

Kelechi Uchendu : I honestly feel as though this career chose me! I have always wanted to own my own business in the fashion and/or beauty world. However, I started Kay Kay’s Fashion and chose a career in the fashion industry because if a dream I had. On one night in October 2016, I dreamt that I attended a formal event in a magical city like New York. This event was special because it was an event to honor me for my accomplishments. I remember walking down the grand staircase in a gorgeous dress that I had never seen before–and I knew that I needed to bring this dress (and my dreams!) to life. When I woke up, I told my mother about the dream I had and my desire to design the dress. My amazing mother told me that I should start right away and not put my dreams on hold. After this conversation, I was determined to design the dress.

Tell us about your line. What was your inspiration for this collection?

Kelechi Uchendu : Kay Kay’s Fashion is inspired by my blog Kay Kay’s Way ( kaykaysway.blogspot.com/). My blog is not solely a lifestyle blog or a fashion blog. I discuss various topics on Kay Kay’s Way and I try not to put my blog in a box. Kay Kay’s Fashion is the same way. Kay Kay’s Fashion currently offers several chokers, a formal dress, and a t-shirt and we will keep expanding what we offer in the near future.

Walk me through the step by step process of creating your designs?

Kelechi Uchendu : The process of creating my designs is fairly straightforward. Once I have an idea, I will have my sister draw out the design. I will then have a meeting with the design team at Detroit Sewn (detroitsewn.com/) and they will help me sew the sample piece of my design. Once the final sample has been approved, I can start selling my items to customers!

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