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Meet Kelechi Uchendu Founder Fashion Designer and Creative Director at Kay Kay’s Way

Posted On : August 15, 2018

Ann Mumbi


Just like the successful blog, Kay Kay’s Way, Kay Kay’s Fashion has a mind of its own. Kay Kay’s Fashion features various types of unique fashions and by God’s grace will continue expanding. Also, all of the items from Kay Kay’s Fashion are made in the United States with quality materials so you can rest assured that your product will be perfect!

Kelechi Uchendu Founder and CEO of  Kay Kay’s Way

Finally, all items are designed by our company. We promise that you will never find Kay Kay’s Fashion selling items that we bought wholesale from another manufacturer.

Kelechi Uchendu, otherwise known as Kay Kay is a writer for Detroit Fashion News, a writer for her personal blog Kay Kay’s Way and is a legal researcher at Columbia University.

Kay Kay is also the owner, founder and CEO of Kay Kay’s Fashion, an online fashion boutique featuring in-house designs. Kay Kay’s Fashion has been featured in British Vogueand is also sold on ASOS Marketplace.

Content Courtesy Of  Kay Kay’s Way & Nairobi Fashion Hub

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