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Miss And Mrs India Kenya 2023 Crowned, Winners To Represent The Country In India 2024

Posted On : August 21, 2023

Oscar Alochi


The winners of Miss and Mrs. India Kenya 2023 will represent the nation in India in 2024.
The talent show on August 17 at Bao Box was followed by the 2023 Miss & Mrs India Kenya pageant at the Broadwalk Mall.
Since 2016, Eventique has hosted The Miss India Kenya, and most recently, The Mrs. India Kenya, which will take place in 2021.

There were 11 finalists in the Miss category and 9 finalists in the Mrs. category this year. Pranav Pancholi, Susan Kaittany, Lolita Kozyreva, Ahmed Hafez, Farah Esmail, and Farouk Jannedy made up the panel of judges.
The performance featured a number of runways, including a safari-themed runway, with contestants parading next to a guest drummer and guitarist.

Angela Muiruri and Jamil Alibhai served as the event’s emcees and guided the audience through the top 5 questions and answers.
Ushma Khetia Samani was named Mrs. India Kenya in 2023, while Soumya Uppal was named Miss India Kenya in 2023.

Following the competition, Eventique and the winners donate to charities like Women4Cancer and the Hawkers Market Girls Center.
According to Aliza Rajan, director of Eventique, “This year we launched the Aliza Rajan foundation, a non-governmental organization established to uplift and empower women from rural areas of Kenya through the teaching of basic entrepreneurial skills and ultimately assisting them to establish small-scale businesses to earn an income.”

Both winners will represent Kenya on a global stage at Miss India Worldwide 2024 the following year.

Miss India Worldwide builds on a rich tradition of pageants like the Miss India New York and the Miss India USA Pageants, which have been held annually since 1980. Miss India Worldwide is produced by the IFC, a pioneer organization in conducting Indian pageants and fashion shows in the USA and worldwide.

Content courtesy of Capital Fm, Miss/Mrs India Kenya & NFH

Oscar Alochi


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