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Mully Movie

Posted On : January 23, 2018

Oscar Alochi


The rags to riches story of Charles Mully, one time Kenyan business tycoon turned founder of Mully Children’s Family, the largest children’s rescue, rehabilitation and development organization in Africa.

This humble man from Africa has discovered the answer that Bill Gates and Bono have been searching for. MULLY is tackling huge problems with huge heart. You have to see this story to believe it. –Kirk Cameron, Actor, Two Time Golden Globe Nominee

Charles Mulli (Mully Movie )

A powerful, focused documentary whose turns will surprise those unfamiliar with its subject’s life. –Los Angeles Times

Mully leads us on a ledge between dreams we fear and those we hardly dare hope. It is a feast that blends the most unlikely elements: wealth and heartache, poverty and hope, rash idealism and impossible outcomes. Ultimately, Mully helps us see that any aspiration that does not account for God s power is far too small. –Christian Alliance for Orphans

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Oscar Alochi


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