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Nameless and Wahu (The Mz) in Te-Amo (Official 4K Video)

Posted On : April 1, 2021

Oscar Alochi


Nameless and Wahu present Te Amo, a song that talks of flirty, fun, light, love, and initial attraction between a man and a woman. Written by up-and-coming artist Brandon Israel and produced by top producer Cedo, Te Amo is delivered in a fun, upbeat afro pop-dance vibe that is sure to get the audiences on their feet.

This is the first-ever collaboration between Nameless and his wife Wahu, and the 2nd right after

“This Love Riddim’ release, and is of their soon-to-be-released Album Project. Nameless and Wahu are excited to be working on this album which weaves the colorful story of love and relationships; The ups and downs, success and failures, happy and sad moments, the couple will also share their relationship journey through this 12 track album as they tell the story behind the music.

One of the unique aspects of this project is the intentional audience inclusion in the creative process. This has been initially expressed in how they reached out to their fans to ask them to propose the “group name” that they should adopt.


They settled on the most popular opinions and combined the ideas. As such, the communication for this project captures Nameless and Wahu, the two brands that come together to form a different brand called the Mathengez which for purposes of this project is shortened to the Mz, which also doubles as the name of the album project!

(Yaaani, you can call the group Nameless and Wahu or you can call The Mathengez or just call them the Mz.. chaguo ni lako.) More and more of this inclusivity will be seen, as they move along the album creation process.


The video also features the beautiful, inspiring Azziad Nasenya, and the well-known ladies man Alehandro Benzema who has wowed many with his fun lyrics and distinct melodies, and musical prowess.

The Mz Album Project promises a variety of sounds and topics and the team strives to release a single every month or so, as they build up to release the full album later this year and hopefully, circumstances allowing, be able to physically tour the country and East African region to promote the Album Mz Project. For Now, enjoy Te Amo Spanish for “My Love” and join in the Te Amo dance!

Te Amore ( audio)
Performed by: Nameless and Wahu. 
Written by: Brandon Israel. 
Music directed and Produced by Cedric “CEDO” Kadenyi. 
Recorded and Mixed by Dennis “Denno”  Papa
Additional BGV by Joy Birech” JepNetich Too
Mastered by Lucas “Ogopa”  Bikedo
Live Guitar By Isaac “Izzo” Mugunda
Executive Producers: Nameless and Wahu 

Te Amo ( Video)
Video Director: Enos Olik 
video Producer: Shakirah Nassali, Faud Mbigi 
Logistics: Slahver of Black Wings Pr. 
Choreography: Sarakasi Dancers.
Styling: Brian Babu 

Content courtesy of Nameless Kenya 

Oscar Alochi


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