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Naomi Campbell Makes ESSENCE History As Her Own Photographer For Our 50th Anniversary Issue

Posted On : May 5, 2020

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Supermodel Naomi Campbell has proven she’s not only talented in front of a camera, but also behind one with her latest cover work for the 50th-anniversary issue of Essence Magazine dressed in a Ghanaian fashion designer Stevie Frenchie a African attire.

On Tuesday, May 5, the 49-year-old supermodel, who has been a powerhouse in the modeling industry since the age of 15, posted a tweet featuring a history-making photo shoot she did for the magazine with her iPhone while being self-isolated at home dressed in African attire design by African attire.

Naomi Campbell was also responsible for her own styling, hair, and makeup #ESSENCE50.


It was a very special honor and unusual experience for me to be able to shoot and style my own cover for Essence’ 50th anniversary issue.

The cover featured Campbell wearing a flowing white dress accented with triangular and circular patterns in black, red, green, and brown. The garment also had a loosely tied black bow that resembled a satin material that sat below her bosom.

In the cover photo, Campbell was sitting on a light wood set of stairs with a backdrop resembling a cloudy blue sky. She noted that the vintage garment was designed by Karl Lager-field for the luxury Parisian fashion brand Chloe in an Instagram post.

The cover also included the title of Campbell’s feature in the issue – “Self-Portrait In Isolation.”

Through an Instagram video posted on Essence’s profile, fans learned the magazine’s Chief Content and Creative Officer MoAna Luu and Campbell collaboratively video chatted through Face Time to work on the shoot.

The issue will also feature an article titled “The New Normal: How COVID-19 Shifted Our Reality.”

According to the Essence Instagram post, Campbell shot other looks for the anniversary issue as well which included a layered tangerine-colored dress with red and black patterns throughout and a navy blue, periwinkle, aquamarine, and white headdress.

Campbell’s announcement tweet, in which she mentioned that she was honored to participate in the shoot, received over 2,000 retweets and over 13,000 likes, with many comments rejoicing the creativity, innovation, and overall hard work she has displayed throughout her years in the modeling industry.

Content courtesy of Essence 


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