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Natasha Sinayobye and Stallone Lubwama Are Satisfashion UG’s September 2019 Cover Stars

Posted On : September 2, 2019

Ann Mumbi


Welcome to September! Welcome to the month of fashion! We’re celebrating all things fearless this month.

To kick things off, Natasha Sinayobye, an actress, model and fashion influencer  and Stallone Lubwama, a fashion model star on the cover of this special edition. Sinayobye, who is famous for her clean short hair got a major beauty makeover we’ve not seen before, while Lubwama hid his face.

Photographed by Fred Bugembe & styled by Solomon Tazibone

Anna Kirya caught up with her for a dive into her life and can we count the number of ways she is fearless on only one hand? Impossible. Read the full interview here.

The fearlessness doesn’t end here, while preparing for this shoot we made some very fundamental last minute changes we feel were very fearless, but guess what, the risk played out in our favour. See the cover below.

During the shoot, I saw and admired the way Sinayobye put her fearlessness to use. From her ease with the makeup to her assertiveness as the day progressed. I learnt that she is a strong fearless woman who is not afraid of speaking her truth. She won’t simply be accommodating for the sake of it, when her peace of mind is at stake, which is something I could learn a thing or two about – especially when I am a bit of a pushover sometimes.

We should all head into the last lap of this year in style; Fearless Style we mean!

Enjoy this exclusive behind the scenes look at the shoot:

Content courtesy of Satisfashion UG & Nairobi Fashion Hub

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