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Ngiri Giri

Posted On : May 22, 2019

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Suzanna Haller started the Ngiri Giri workshop back in 2007. Her focus was to bring about a style using the local material called Khanga, which is widely worn by the local African ladies. With its bright vibrant colour and traditional print the material stands out and gives each and every bag a unique look.

The workshop is in the heart of a coastal village creating local employment for many people in the disabled community – a cause very close to our heart. Each and every Ngiri Giri bag is handmade using local material, which has been hand selected to create a range of bags that stand out in style and design.

In an ever changing world that sees design and style moving towards sustainable fashion that is kind, not only to our planet but also to our local community, the team at Ngiri Giri are proud to be part of the “Fashion with Humanity” movement.

Content courtesy of Ngiri Giri & Nairobi Fashion Hub 

Fashion Tribe Influencer

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